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Alfa Discs Atlantis

Alfa Discs Atlantis

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The Atlantis is an understable driver with a lot of turn and a lot of glide that will help players at all levels gain some extra distance with ease. It is designed to withstand a good amount of power, as well as it provides a very comfortable feel. The Atlantis has a very predictable and reliable flightpath, which makes it a very trustworthy option to fill that understable driver slot in your bag!

The Atlantis is available in our premium Chrome plastic.

Flight Numbers - 9/6/-4/1

Exploration's Description System - Plastic/Disc Color & Stamp Color/Weight/Dome

Example - Opto-X/Green&Black/170g/+1


-1 Negative Dome or "Puddle Top".  

0 Flat or very close to flat

+1 Positive Dome

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