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Alfa Discs Theios

Alfa Discs Theios

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The Theios is a straight putter with a slight fade that makes the disc stable enough to handle headwind shots with ease. It is designed to withstand a good amount of power, as well as it provides a very comfortable feel. It has a very predictable and reliable flightpath, which makes it a very trustworthy putter!

The Theios is available in our premium Chrome plastic, the Crystal plastic and our brand new Copper plastic.

Alfa Discs has changed the name of the Snoopy to the Theios, older run discs are stamped with Snoopy but are identical in mold.

Flight Numbers - 2/4/0/2

Exploration's Description System - Plastic/Disc Color & Stamp Color/Weight/Dome

Example - Opto-X/Green&Black/170g/+1


-1 Negative Dome or "Puddle Top".  

0 Flat or very close to flat

+1 Positive Dome

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